Male Cardinal - Spring Beauty

 Not to waste the spring I threw down everything, 
And ran into the open world 
To sing what I could sing... 
To dance what I could dance! 
And join with everyone! 
I wandered with a reckless heart beneath the newborn sun. 
— Roman Payne 

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Always Grateful For My Mother

Always kind
Always gentle
Always giving ....
Forever grateful
For My Mother


Robin in Spring Flowers

"Today is the day when bold kites fly, 
When cumulus clouds roar across the sky. 
When robins return, when children cheer, 
When light rain beckons spring to appear. 

Today is the day when daffodils bloom, 
Which children pick to fill the room, 
Today is the day when grasses green, 
When leaves burst forth for spring to be seen." 
- Robert McCracken,


Male Cardinal in the Blossoms

"Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night."
~ Rainer Maria Rilke


Magnolia Blossoms

"See the land, her Easter keeping, 
Rises as her Maker rose. 
Seeds, so long in darkness sleeping, 
Burst at last from winter snows. 
Earth with heaven above rejoices..." 
~ Charles Kingsley

Happy Easter 


May Flowers Always Line Your Path

May flowers always line your path 
and sunshine light your day. 
May songbirds serenade you 
every step along the way. 
May a rainbow run beside you 
in a sky that's always blue. 
And may happiness fill your heart each day 
your whole life through. 
~Irish Blessing

The Language Of Love

Flowers are Love's truest language
- Park Benjamin

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